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Commonly known a darter or snake bird.

Commonly known a darter or snake bird. Look at shape of the neck. This bird swims like a duck in the water but the only difference is that the whole body of the bird stays inside the water and all you can see is the neck and the head. After swimming once, it would come put to dry its feathers and then ready for the next dive. Mostly eats fish.

a pair of spotted owl resting in the tree

Spotted owl. Although hard to spot one, we reached at the bottom of this tree pretty late at around 11:00 AM. Both the owls had kept their eyes closed and appeared as if they were  sleeping.
Pair of spotted owl, now wide awake.

A group of purple moorhen, you would see many of then out there. I liked the contrast of the purple to the green background.
Turtle. Found this fellow in the swamps. I liked the orange colour at its bottom
Night Jar. It took me 5 minutes to locate him in the tree even after the guide pointed out that there is a bird on that branch. I used a 600 mm zoom lens to click this picture.

Hoopoo. This is a common bird though uncommanly pretty. Found in almost all the parts of the country. Never stays in one location, just keeps flying. I have to chase this fellow 6 times from one tree to the another and fianlly he allowed me to take a picture.
Green Pegions. I had never seen green pigions before I happen to see this group at Bharatpur.
Wood pecker. Again difficult to spot in the forest. I tried to take multiple pictures of this friend of mine but by the time I adjusted the focus and exposure, he would vanish.
Painted Storks. You would see hunderds of them in Bharatpur if you come here in the right season. They typically re-use the nests built last year and you can make their presence when you see white paches on the branches of the trees. A full grown adult can be as tall as 3.5 feet.
Painted storks. An adult and a child. Notice that the child is yet to get the bright colours that an adult has.
Painted stork. Lonely fellow. Typically an adult goes upto 3.5 feet and those white patches on the tree assures the presence of one of them around.
Common Kighfisher, also known as white breasted kingfisher.
Common Kighfisher, also known as white breasted kingfisher.
Common Kighfisher, also known as white breasted kingfisher.
Common Kighfisher, also known as white breasted kingfisher.
Common Kighfisher, also known as white breasted kingfisher.
Black-neck stork. I liked the natural frame in this image.
Black-neck stork. One of the birds I like a lot. A full grown adult can be upto 4 feel tall and while flying it can have a wing sapn of 7 feets. 
Black-neck stork. Patiently waiting for a fish.
Black-neck stork.
Black-neck stork. And she takes off ...
Python. Bharatpur is also known for the large number of pythons found in the forest. I maintained my safe distance while taking this picture and used a 600 mm lens.
Python. Do not go by the calm and relaxed posture of a python. If you are at a distance of 6 to 8 feet, it can hit you anytime.
Python. Although a little overexposed, but I just loved this felow mearly because of the way he was taking rest in the open jungle at Bharatpur.
Python. Look at the mix of backround colour to his body
Python. Another close-up shot. Again used 600 mm lens and was at a safe distance.

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