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Gallery >> Diwali 2006 :: Diwali the festival of light
Effect of light from the floating candle on the glass surface
Floating candles and the effect on water
Rangoli: This Rangoli was made by Shilpa @ home. This is completly made from coloured rice.
Lakshmi ji: The is what we draw at home for Lakshmi Pooja at the day of Diwali.
Rangoli: Another rangoli at the entrance of the gate. This is completly made from coloured rice.
Rangoli: This was at my causin's place (Swati) at Guwahati.
Decoration: Decent set-up at my causin's place (Polka)
Krishna: Was surprised to see the effect of flash on this  poster which was hanging on the wall at my friend's place. The surface of the poster was rough and gave a old poster look. However with flash light filling the gap, the picture came out pretty well.
Fire works !!!

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