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Buddham sharanam Gachhami: This buddha monestry is around 30 KM for Leh.
Elephant @ Dubare: This male tusker in the Dubare elephant camp in Coorg was coming towards us for food. As it came closer I realized that it was a huge and powerful animal. I was scared like a kid !!
Feeding the elephant: Shilpa offering food to the big guy !!! A normal elephant has 50,000 muscle pieces in his tusk and can throw a human 40 feet away in a very comfortable push.
Flame: The flame was shot in Coorg in a Coffee estate. 
Burning Woods: This was in the camp fire next to our cottage in the coffee estate in Coorg.
Cottage at Ranikhet: Few kilometers down from Ranikhet is a place called Majkhali which offers spectacular view of the Himalayas. We hired a cottage and went for a few days. My dad was enjoying the place when I clicked this. 
Couple on the beach @ Goa. This was in the beach resort at Goa  and this couple was feeling at home. I could not resist to capture the moment.
Houseboat in Vembanad Lake at Kumarakom, Kerala. While we were going on a house boat I saw the sunset and this house boat passing by and decided to capture the moment.
Bridge jumping @ Rishikesh at the five elements camp at Kaudiyala. you go on top of the bridge, they put you down on a rope and then from a height of 30 feet drop you in the chilling water !!
Camp site at Kaudiyala for Whitewater rafting, 25 Km from Rishikesh. This camp site is right next to the Ganga river. For people in Delhi this is an amazing weekend break !!
Kayaking at Five elements camp at Kaudiyala. I went on a Kayak for the first time here and figured that rowing in a balanced way is important for this sport !!

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