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Overlooking Khadakvasla from Sinhagarh Fort
Singhgard Fort: View from the fort overlooking Khadakvasla Dam. The white piece of cloud was fast approaching towards us when I clicked this shot.  The place is a bliss after monsoon. Enjoying the taste of 'Jhunka Bhakar' is a must at the top.
View from Sinhagard Fort
Sinhagard Fort: View of the other side from Sinhagard fort.  This picture was taken on 21st June 2006, on the onset of monsoon. I was amazed to see how fast  the place had embraced monsoon and had changed to green in less than 2 weeks.
Tiger hills - Lonavala
Tiger Hills, Lonavala: After crossing Bushy Dam on the way to Amby Valley. This is a spot on the side of the road. The place gives a full view of the plains and table land covered in green.
Tiger hill view at Lonavala
Tiger Hills, Lonavala: This lonely tree in the vast expanse of green grass was right below where myself and Shilpa had chosen a spot for ourselves to sit. 
No leaves in the midst of greenery
Tiger Hills Lonavala: While other plants and grass around have embraces monsoon and have started showing the green color. This tree is taking its own pace. This marks the fact that monsoon has just arrived.
Ellora Caves
Elora Caves: Centuries old and built from top to bottom, these caves have an unmatch beauty and art to offer. See the eroded work on the left of this image. The place is a bliss and some amazing depiction of Hindu epics in the Hindu caves of Elora.
Ellora Caves
Elora Caves: This was taken in the Jain caves of Elora. We were stunned to see the art work and green surroundings. To understand the place better, make sure you hire an authorized/official guide with experience and knowledge of the place.
Monsoon effect on Konkan belt
Kamshet: Welcome to Maharashtra in its full bloom of monsoon. The normally brown and dry hills turns green and waterfalls adds the beauty of the place. This was taken near Kamshet (around 35 Kms off mumbai-Pune expressway)
Strawberry at Mahabaleshwar Strawberries of Mahabaleshwar: The visit to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete without a visit to a Strawberry farm. The place is filled with Strawberry farms and offers scenic views. Be cautious in case you decide to venture out during monsoon.
On Pune Shirdi Highway - Wind mills On the Way to Shirdi: While myself and Shilpa were driving to Shirdi, their was a stretch in between where we were greeted by the windmills. The windmills are massive, one wing length is more then a 2 stoery building.
Waterfalls at Ellora Elora Caves: This spot at Elora caves is worth a visit. This is right next to the Buddha caves. This channelizes the water at the hill to fall through this spot which is man made.
Shilpa and Sunset behind - Kihim Beach Sillhoutte: I could not stop myself from taking this sillhoute of Shilpa when I saw the sunset.
Sunset at Kihim Kihim Beach: Next to the not so clean beaches of Alibuag lies Kihim beach on the Konkan belt. The sunset there was exceptional and we spent 4 hours in the evening there.
Sunset at Kihim # 2 Kihim Beach: This is the same sunset as the one earlier, taken using a 300 mm zoom lens on an  N80 Nikon SLR.
Tiger hills Lonavala - before monsoon Tiger hills, Lonavala: This picture was taken in May before monsoon. The place becomes totally brown with not a blade of green grass. I have shared a total contrast of the same location in this gallery itself.

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